Friday, July 10, 2009

Terrorizer Cover

Here's the latest issue of Terrorizer magazine. Phil looks the coolest...AGAIN!


Anonymous said...

And I have to share a neighborhood with these crazy long-hairs. The streets aren't safe!

Talita Twoshoes said...

Yeh! Terrorizer!!

frankie said...

Yo Tony, there's some nice pics of the Waste at Dynamo Outdoor in Eindhoven on this site

Didn't know where else to mention it. There's a really nice pic of you doing the rollover on Phil's back. Also check out the Dynamo Eindhoven website for some cool youtube movies.

Frankie Deny
Tilburg Thrasher!

Collin said...

Haha, cool christian metal update right next to ya.

Anonymous said...

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dr.feel_g00d said...

Tony get the waste to come to soundwave 2012 !!!